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How to Fall in Love with Running

One of the best ways to improve your overall physical health is by running. This full body workout allows you to get outside and move in the fresh air, or during inclement weather you can run on the treadmill to get the same results. The problem with running is that many people simply go from the couch to running a mile and wonder why they never enjoy the process. Here are some simple techniques designed to help you to fall in love with running.

According to {} regular physical activity is good for your health. Running can help to improve your muscles as well as your respiratory system at the same time. The problem is that many people try running and immediately either burn out or get discouraged before they have the opportunity to fall in love with it. When you first get off the couch and start running, you will experience nausea, pain in your side, difficulty breathing, and cramps. Why would anyone want to continue after feeling like they were run over by a freight train?
Take it Slow and Easy

The short answer is you must take it very slow at the beginning and give yourself plenty of ways to feel like you accomplished something. Too many people start off by saying they will run one mile and increase as they get better. The problem is that a mile is an eternity if you never ran before. That is like saying you will ski down the advanced slope first, then practice on the bunny hills as you get better. The key when you are first starting to run is to set small goals in minutes and not in miles. Start by running three minutes today and tell yourself tomorrow it will be four minutes. Before you know it you will be at ten minutes and more.
Music Blasting

Grab some music that you love that really gets your juices flowing. This isn’t the time for ballads and love songs, you want songs that get your feet tapping and your blood pumping. This music will actually help to distract you from the minutes and miles and relax your brain while you are running. Fun and upbeat music will motivate you to push through any pain and keep going towards today’s new goal. The music can also be a fun escape that you will look forward to each day because you will virtually be in a world of your own running and singing to the music.
Do it for charity

One of the best ways to fall in love with running is to sign up for a charitable race in your town. These races range from 1k, 3k, 5k, to 10k, and usually donate all the proceeds to a local charity. The reason these are the perfect way to excite you about running is because you build up friendships with the other runners who are all basically focused on the goal of raising money and not winning a race. Other runners will help to motivate you, the cheering fans will help to inspire you, and the thought that your running is actually helping another person is unlike any feeling you will ever know. Giving of your time to help another can be all the juice you need to fall in love with running for a lifetime.

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