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4 Common Dieting Mistakes That Keep You Fat

It is easy to have weight creep up on us as we go about our everyday affairs. It seems there is always some celebration that needs to be observed with plenty of high calorie foods. Even though you limit yourself by not shoving all those tasty sugar and fat laden morsels down your throat you are still consuming many more calories than you can imagine. If you are trying to drop the excess weight and not having any luck here are four mistakes you are most likely making that are keeping you fat.
Skipping Meals

The number one mistake most dieters make is skipping meals, especially breakfast. The thought is saving calories is part of the weight loss success route. The unfortunate reality is your body needs fuel in the form of healthy carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Skipping meals leads to a drop in blood sugar which usually causes a desire for more food leading to overeating. The fact is people who maintain a good healthy weight eat breakfast according to The US National Weight Control Registry.
Skip The Dip

A second blunder many folks make is eating healthy foods covered in calorie laden sauces, dips or gravies. Carrot sticks are a common snack for dieters and are both good for you and low in calories. However, the Blue Cheese dip or Buttermilk Ranch dressing can add fat laden calories in a hurry. A few dips of the stick can surprisingly bring the calorie total to upwards of 300. By limiting the use of these high fat dips and exchanging them with something like a wine vinaigrette this mistake can be corrected.
Liquid Mistakes

Another common blunder by those who are not progressing with their weight loss goals are hidden calories in the liquids they consume. states that one recent study found that Americans get approximately 21% of their daily calories from the beverages they choose. That glass of wine may seem innocuous but be aware of the 130 calories laden within that 5 ounce glass. Studies also have shown that people who eliminated diet drinks were rewarded with weight reduction.
Fad Dieting

May be the biggest mistake made by those in search of weight loss in the fad diet. Many of the latest diet plans can work to shed the pounds and make you look better. However, statistically 90% of fad dieters regain the weight and sometimes more. This also confuses your body by creating a starvation reaction internally. The body wants to preserve itself and will slow metabolism to conserve the available fuel source already contained in its storage areas. New intake of calories will be stored also which usually takes the form of fat cells.

These four mistakes are certainly not all of the traps dieters fall into but correcting them will go a long way to correcting the problem of slow or no weight loss. Keep in mind such ideas like thinking because it is healthy it is OK to eat a lot or that a weekend binge at the buffet are permissible will just keep you searching for answers.

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