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A million benefits of Baby Oil for beauty

Baby oil is believed to be one of the natural ingredients are good for different skin types. Therefore not surprising that many adults who apply baby oil on their skin to get soft skin.

However, what the real benefits of baby oil? Here are reviews of baby oil, as reported by of Boldsky, Wednesday (18/11/2015).

Massaging the scalp with baby oil can help you avoid dandruff and dry scalp. Not only that, mengusapkan with baby oil, hair will be ternutrisi and make it more shine.

The soles cracked

The sole of the foot cracked can be overcome with baby oil. The way, soak the feet into hot water already given SOAP. Scrub the soles with processed natural scrub. Foot washing with clean water and then dry it with a towel. Then, the sole of the foot massage with baby oil already heated.


Cuticle nail can be removed with baby oil. Rub it on the nail also can make nails appear shinier naturally, lho.

Remove mascara

Do you know if baby oil is also good for removing make-up? Pour one to two drops of baby oil on a cotton swab and apply it as a make-up remover. After removing makeup, face massage back with baby oil.

Sensitive skin

For those of you who have sensitive skin, try apply your facial skin with baby oil. This is because baby oil has very good for applied in various types of skin without having any side effects.

Glowing skin

Want to have your skin looks radiant in an easy way? Simply apply some baby oil to make it look radiant and reduces the production of excess oil on the skin of the face.

Soft skin

Apply warm baby oil on the skin. This helps to make the skin becomes softer. Mengusapkan leather body with warm baby oil every once a week can also provide positive results.

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