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The Benefits of Living Healthy

Living a healthy life is not easy but the rewards that come from it are numerous and beneficial. Staying healthy can be a challenge; especially when most of us are faced with a barrage of processed food commercials, little time to exercise and minimal time to prepare nutritious foods.

However, by taking time to prepare and eat nutritious foods, exercising on a daily basis, getting a routine annual exam from your doctor and keeping stress as minimal as possible, you and I can enjoy a healthy life. It is important to note that one benefit from living a healthy life is preventing certain diseases such as a stroke, heart disease, diabetes and perhaps certain emotional illnesses as bipolar disease and manic-depression.

Most importantly, living a healthy lifestyle may also prevent certain injuries from happening such as wearing a seatbelt when driving or using appropriate lifting techniques when lifting. Living a healthy lifestyle can also give you more energy. This can be accomplished by being careful what you eat and getting regular and consistent exercise. Regular exercise can not only increase your energy level but also reduce fatigue. In addition, by losing some weight you can also improve your over all well- being.
Mental Health

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle also includes good mental health. It’s a known fact that by exercising and eating well, you can defend your body and mind from depression and sharpen your memory; as well as stabilize your mood. Smoking, drinking and drugs often have a negative effect on our bodies such as causing cancer, dependency and mental health disorders that can zap a person’s physical health. By eliminating these harmful effects from our bodies, we can come closer to a healthier way of living.

Other benefits from living a healthy life are having a body that has a good immune system, healthier lungs, better mood, lower blood pressure, a stronger heart, a lower cholesterol level, more energy, a more confident attitude, better posture and better sleep. Most importantly, those who live a healthy lifestyle, look younger and happier than those who engage in harmful habits such as drinking or smoking too much. Smoke can dry up the skin and cause wrinkles and alcohol can also do the same thing; making a person look older than they are.

Another benefit of a healthy lifestyle is clear thinking. Overdoing it with alcohol or smoking can dim a person’s judgment and cause that person to make mistakes that could cost them their job or friendship with someone they care about. With a clear mind, you are better able to make sound decisions. Clear thinking also makes you more reliable and dependable. Healthy living habits also make you less likely to get a cold or come down with an illness.
To conclude

A healthy lifestyle has many advantages and zero disadvantages. It is a lifestyle that many long to have and by establishing a few healthy habits such as good nutrition and consistent exercise, a healthy lifestyle can be yours!

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